Bi-racial Quaker American writer. Author of the novel “Old Music for New People” (The Story Plant).
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I’ve been a fan of Colson Whitehead’s work since I read his first novel, The Intuitionist. His take on social reality often goes far beyond obvious tropes and predictability. Besides the eclectic subject matter of his novels (from zombie apocalypse to sci-fi slave escape thriller), his strengths as a writer…

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Errors and admissions

I have a problem here in this ultra-modern digital screenlife we’re all bouncing through. I can’t arrive at true and realistic final edits for my essays, articles, or even comments until I’ve posted whatever I’ve composed online.

For blog posts especially, I don’t fully catch typos and grammatical mistakes until…

Love seems to be growing rarer and rarer in this world, doesn’t matter which kind I’m talking about. There’s vitriol and hostility everywhere — on all sides. I get it, I suppose. Love in every form requires vulnerability and courage. These days everyone on so many levels is tired of…

David Biddle

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